Friday, February 04, 2005

Walmart, Linux, and Slashdot

Apparently, sometimes the evil corporations running roughshod over our lives are so evil the do exactly what you've been wanting. And no combination of circumstances could be worse for the sad sacks at Slashdot.

Have a look at the comments on this story and you'd think it was Hitler selling yarmulkes or something. A cheap laptop running Linux, something many have clamored for from there, is apparently a real conundrum when it comes from Walmart. Caught between the "virtue" of Linux and the "evil" of Walmart, what does a properly groupthinking Slashhead do?

There's not a lot to say on this except to say that the blind Walmart bashing that goes on is the absolute epitome of lazy thinking. Everybody laps it up, so it must be right, everybody knows Walmart is bad somehow.

It is always a concern when a group as large as the community at Slashdot is so narrow in its opinions, especially in a field where I'd think generally smarter people are. But I console myself thinking that maybe most people posting are those that have nothing else to do.

Which reminds me, I've got something else to do.


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