Wednesday, August 03, 2005

"Staff Puke" Madness Over Rush Call

This was an entertaining little excursion into Google today. Apparently (I didn't hear it), Rush referred to Ohio's Paul Hackett as a "staff puke" in response to a caller describing Hackett's position.

So obviously, every lefty site out there is outraged today, as this Google search shows. Roughly 400 results overall, most of the first results from places like Daily Kos, and a bunch of places linking to that post.

By searching for "staff puke" without a reference to Rush, you see a couple of interesting things about the term. First, a lot of people refer to themselves as staff pukes, and if anything it's used in about as derogatory a fashion as "college boy" is on a construction site, for example.

More interesting is how often the sites referring to the comment say Rush called hime "just a staff puke." Well, no he didn't and calling anyone "just" an anything is more derogatory than anything Rush said. There's nothing wrong with Hackett's position in the military, but clueless lefties obviously think there is. Ironically, one site points out all the "staff pukes" that have been killed. That changes nothing about the Rush non-story, because he isn't disrespectful to those people. The only disrespect is thinking that being called that is some kind of put-down.

An argument might be made that Rush, not being in the military, can't use the term. That may be true, but it's not a big deal. He was talk to a military officer, and was using it for clarification, not denegration.


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