Thursday, September 01, 2005

BTW, Thanks for the "Mass" Transit

Just a note, thanks so much for the mass transit in New Orleans. Those quaint street cars did a lot for evacuation efforts. The news reports of the hundreds of thousands without individual transportation to escape the city are just propaganda anyway, the forward-thinking rail transports got everyone out in plenty of time.

Oh, if we can only get more people out of their cars, stranded and dependent on governments for getting around, it'll be so much easy to control the simple rabble.

After that, if we can just get the guns and keep people from protecting themselves. From there, we need to control the dinner table, people just don't know what to eat to stay healthy.

Somebody's just got to compel these unsophisticated hicks and rednecks to live the civilized way.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Actually, the DC Metro was one of the few things that worked really well on 9/11. The trains moved more than two million people out of the capital in a matter of hours while the interstates and streets turned into parking lots.

Even the Metro authority was amazed.

The problem in New Orleans is that to move out of a storm's path, you have to go much farther than the city -- at least 200 miles. But the city transit system in New Orleans got something like 50-60,000 people to shelters before breaking down in the floods that followed the storm.

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