Thursday, September 01, 2005

Jon Stewart Arguing the NULL Position

Christopher Hitchens was on Jon Stewart to talk about his book, but apparently Jon geared up for a big confrontation to see if he could get an answer for why we're in Iraq from Hitchens.

The interesting thing, and the thing that stands out to me about people opposed to Bush in general, is that Jon Stewart is not arguing for anything. He has no position, only an attempt to negate another position. And nothing is easier to defend than nothing.

Throw out a few cute lines, make faces, point out stutters, but do not by any means actually put an idea foward, or you might have to defend it. If you're just attacking what others do, and doing nothing yourself, it's easy. You've got hindsight and humor on your side, how can you be wrong?

He asks why not Iran? Why not Saudi Arabia? But does he say he supports action against them? No, because he doesn't really support anything, because he doesn't have any ideas except "Bush = Wrong". Wow, how clever he is, I love his smirking asides to the audience and how they bolster his non-position.

He's by no means the only one, but it was just another in a long line of lefties with nothing but negativity going for them. Keep it up smarties.


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