Thursday, September 01, 2005

Make Up Your Minds

Apparently George Bush was asleep at the wheel during Katrina, if only he'd got on his waders and gone directly to New Orleans to stop the flooding and looting, things would be fixed already.

Paradoxically, that same response was somehow a problem during Florida's Hurricane Charley and Francis devastation:

I find it deeply disturbing that President Bush may use his trip to survey the damage of Hurricane Frances as a photo opportunity.
-Rep. Robert Wexler from West Palm Beach

George Bush only went to Florida to show off. There is not a sincere bone in his body. He is the world's greatest con-man and four-flusher. The people in Florida are no better off because of him, and neither are the people of Iraq, or America, for that matter.
- Mildred Perry Miller - Chattanooga, Tenn.

We all know this is a photo op for Bush. I actually don't need him to come here, he has already designated funds.
- Scarlet on News Hounds

Of course Bush will use the storm as a photo op. His gordo little brother already has. The goofy bastard uses 9/11 and active duty soldiers as his backdrop, of course he will try to mine this tragedy. That's what he does. That's ALL HE DOES!
- Gabby Hayes of News Hounds

So what is it exactly that you think should be done? Do you know, or do you just default to the opposite of whatever Bushitler does? I would agree more with the above sentiments than with current criticisms. It doesn't really help anything for Bush to walk around New Orleans, especially at present. Symbolically? Yes, maybe later, but it's just not important.

People forget, but we have phones, we have planes, and we have people working with the President. People get put in charge of things. Things get done. The President doesn't necessarily actually drain New Orleans himself.

For me, it is becoming more and more reassuring that Bush is not directly affected by polls and public opinion. I don't need him calling a press conference to sign some paper to show he's sending help.

In the meantime, Lefties, make up your mind and try to stick with it. If you find it's difficult, well, it might be because you are a kneejerk Reactionary.


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