Saturday, September 03, 2005

Oh, If Only We'd Had Buses...

"Don't give me your money. Don't send me $10 million today. Give me buses and gas. Buses and gas. Buses and gas. If you have to commandeer Greyhound, commandeer Greyhound. ... If you don't get a bus, if we don't get them out of there, they will die."
- State Rep. Karen Carter, New Orleans
By all means, someone should get Greyhound doing something productive, I would have thought The Hague would have shut them down by now for the appalling conditions on their buses.

But in the meantime-- Hey Ray! Nice evacuation planning and timing (Sunday!?), way to utilize resources and way to lead. There's a reason Rudy Giuliani is a giant. He handled the critical early situation in his city and he lead, until reinforcements could get in to help clean up and rebuild. He was inspiring, confident, and hopeful.

By the way, when do you think the National Guard should have been there standing by, during the hurricane?


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