Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Why is it Offensive to Keep Private Life Private?

ShowBizData has a story today about the Houston Voice claiming Shepard Smith and Anderson Cooper are gay. Apparently, to the Voice, they "choose to hide and deceive -- and to protect their incomes and images -- at the expense of contributing important weight and star power to the gay civil rights movement."

I don't know what about them proclaiming their sexual preference would lend weight to the gay civil rights movement. And I don't know if they could lend star power to any movement. But it seems to me pretty sad and hypocritical when a gay group lashes out at someone for behavior that in almost every instance is best left in the bedroom.

I can't imagine what me knowing Anderson Cooper is gay would add to the news coverage he does. He's exactly right that he's not supposed to be the story himself, so why should he be telling anyone anything like that?

I am not a fan of either of them to begin with (see: Katrina Hysteria) but for crying out loud let their business be their business instead of scaring gay people out of public careers altogether.


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