Thursday, September 21, 2006

This is who I am

You'd think I could pull it together enough to just be aware of my various bank balances, but no, not me. The worst part is, if someone had said that crappy Jack in the Box milkshake would cost me effectively $30, I'd have still taken it:

09/18/2006MC-SUBWAY II SALEM -$9.99 $0.96
09/19/2006MC-MCDONALD'S F594 Q17 SALEM -$4.55 ($3.59)
09/20/2006*OVERDRAFT CHARGE -$27.00 ($30.59)
09/20/2006MC-JACK IN THE BO00071Q43 SALEM -$2.49 ($33.08)
09/21/2006 *OVERDRAFT CHARGE -$27.00 ($60.08)
09/21/2006*CUSTOMER DEPOSIT+$60.00($0.08)

The best part is where I decided to go put $60 in just in case the balance was getting low. I'm sure the teller thought I was a genius in coming up $.08 short. I didn't even look at the receipt.


Blogger Darnelly said...

This is who you are, I am sure of it
: )

12:00 PM  

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