Sunday, June 15, 2008

To Republicans Not Voting For McCain

I am exhausted listening to 'pricinpled' conservatives, and the vast majority of talk radio, bad-mouthing the idea of voting for McCain. The reasons range from "he doesn't respect us" to "bring on the bad times, then blame the Dems." That charts out a territory roughly from 'hypersensitive' and 'immature' on up to 'idiot'.

The primaries are over. Were there perfect choices? Not really. Were there good ones? Yeah, in my opinion. Would I take all of the top ones over Obama or Hillary? Yes.

The thing about teaching the voters a lesson by electing Obama is, we've got to live through those 4-8 years. I'm not interested in paying higher taxes, in socializing medicine, in waiting out more liberal judges to retire. I'm not interested in the Obamas 'healing my soul'.

John McCain is reliably for lowering taxes and earmarks. For those that claim to care, he's pro-life and anti-gay-marriage. You want to throw those positives in the toilet? Have at it. But don't expect anyone to listen to your childish demands next time around, just go join Buchanan or the Constitution Party and take your tears and diapers with you. I'm interested in winning, in improving, and living.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yet Obama's tax cuts are more for the middle class and McCain's are for the rich. I, as well as many others get more help and relief from Obama than McCain. Also, my family risks losing health care coverage because of McCain's plan. I've voted Republican for the past 3 elections, but I have to say, this time I'm voting Democrat. McCain was a terrible choice, I wish Romney would have won, we would be in better position to win in November.

1:58 PM  
Blogger Morgan said...

I would say that you're probably not a Republican in that case, and you're voting exactly as you should. McCain's cuts aren't really cuts, they are maintaining the Bush tax cuts as far as I know. You can believe Obama that he'll remove the Bush tax cuts, and then pass other cuts aimed more at the middle-class than Bush's were, but have you heard Obama's definition of 'rich'? I just don't believe him, but you're welcome to.

As for health care-- you can't 'lose' coverage unless you're unwilling to pay for it, in which case I can see the desire to have others pay for it for you. For me, it's cheaper than a car, it's cheaper than cable/internet access, and it's cheaper than electricity. I prioritize it over cable for sure. Many people do not. And many people don't care that quality WILL decrease with socialized medicine. Zero doubt about that. But FREE!

Anyway, you are voting. You are voting for what you believe and want. That's light years ahead of staying home on some claim of 'priciple'.

2:06 PM  

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