Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Silliness at LGF

"Will the people who screamed for Van Jones’ resignation based on unsubstantiated accusations that he was a Truther now scream just as loud about Pat Buchanan?"

Absolutely I will. I call for the immediate resignation of Patrick J. Buchanan from his position as czar of what? Oh yeah, nothing. And how much federal money is he in charge of disbursing? Oh yeah, none. So yes, Patrick J. Buchanan, I call on you to step down, lest you tarnish the entire conservative movement that you're not really a part of anyway.

A side note, Pat Buchanan's ideas have very little to do with the principles of conservatism. Socially he might think so, I don't. And economically, if anything he's a populist, authoritarian lefty. He's a protectionist, he's xenophobic, he's a lot like Lou Dobbs. That is nothing remotely approaching a liberty-minded, optimistic conservative, but it's probably enough of a subject for a separate post. And that's all aside from the fact Mr. Buchanan is seemingly nuts (Holocaust denier, 9/11 truth promoter, etc.).

So if I see him anywhere near a position remotely close to the importance of where Van Jones was, I'll be calling for his resignation, along with the resignation of whoever put him there. I will also eat my hat if anyone's actually that dumb.

I really don't understand how exactly guilt by association works over at LGF, other than to note that it applies to most everyone but Obama. Which is sort of too bad, I think Mr. Johnson is probably incredibly intelligent, and obviously a talented researcher.

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